Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This one's for Jay

I am not suggesting you are 'dumpy', Jay, but I spotted this in the Independent this morning and thought of you. Can you sing?!

Here's one for any aspiring hobbits out there.

Next Monday, a nationwide hunt begins to find 20 suitably dumpy creatures to appear as extras in next year's West End production of The Lord of the Rings.

Applicants will face an X-Factor-style audition for the roles of Pippin, played by Billy Boyd in the big screen trilogy, and friends, where they will be required to sing two songs and display "hobbit-like tendencies".

According to a press release for the auditions:

"The producers are looking for male and female actors and singers, aged between 16-35, who must be under 5ft 7 in bare feet.

"Hairy toes and big feet are an advantage." Splendid!


Che-Jay said...

Where do I apply?!!

I am destined for the west end at last!

On a serious note, years ago there was an add in the press for extra's for Lucasfilms to play ewoks, dad encouraged me at the time but I was dead against it, thing is they were on a huge amount of cash a day and got to stay in canada! Pat would make a great wookie don't you think? all that hair!

Me, dumpy? em's you have deeply offended me!

ems said...

Jay, read the first sentence again: I am NOT suggesting you are dumpy...

You haven't said whether or not you can sing!

City Slicker said...

When i saw that in the paper yesterday I couldnt believe they were going to try and stage that? As if Wicked is not bad enough.Can't see it personally!

Che-Jay said...

I cannot sing at all, yes I did read the first sentance, I wasn't mad at you silly, was jesting........ as a hobbit jester would!

Now delete the post before I get my solicitor involved !!!

coolbuddha said...

What a missed opportunity - the BBC could have held a 'What are we going to do about Sauron?' contest. Is it me or does Andrew Lloyd Webber look a bit Gollumish?
There goes my stage career...