Sunday, September 10, 2006


Forgive me for feeling a little confused when it comes to fish.

The government recommends we eat 'at least two portions of fish a week including one of oily fish.' Yet, we are increasingly told not to eat this, that or the other species of fish due to declining stocks and damage to the ocean.

I also have my own personal issues to deal with here. I'm terrified by bones and am incredibly squeamish about taking any seafood out of its shell. (With the exception of prawns. I can even twist their heads off raw without shutting my eyes now). Obviously not helped by stories like this.

Why am I mentioning all this? Thanks to a reminder from City Slicker we passed through Hays Galleria Saturday morning as the Oyster and Seafood Fair was setting up. There was a quiet, purposeful atmosphere and faint whiff of the sea as crates were unloaded and wares artfully displayed.

Don't worry if you missed it – get yourself off to Billingsgate fish market – London's ancient, almost-daily fish fair. You do have to get up early but the experience is worth it.

Tuesday to Saturday 5.00am - 8.30am
Sunday 6.00am - 8.00am (only one shellfish merchant open - John Stockwell Ltd - Please telephone them prior to visit to ensure they are trading)
Closed Monday
NB the market is closed on Tuesdays following a Bank Holiday Monday

Children and shopping trolleys are not allowed. Ball games are not permitted either.

Don't forget to check how sustainable the fish is before you buy:


Red said...

What a great link you supplied with
We stopped eating cod ages ago and now no longer buy it even for Cat, who is making do with coley. I like my tuna, but there are some disturbing facts on that website...

ems said...

I really like tuna - no bones, tasty and easy to cook - so was also a little disappointed when I looked at the site. Perhaps I should have kept it to myself and let others carry on regardless...

Cat sounds very priviledged indeed.

Shep said...

My love of fish is often ruined by bones. Even in fish 'n' chip shop Cod. Bastards.

I once had a proper sit-down meal with a girlfriend's parents where they produced an exotic fish and many interesting utensils to perform surgery. They whipped out the good stuff in 3 easy slices. I spent about an hour raking a fork through it and eating the mush.

Needless to say girl and I are no longer together. This is as much to do with the embarrassing fish episode as it is the fact that she had small knockers...

* (asterisk) said...

Great pics, ems. And thanks for stopping by at mine.

I, too, love fish but find bones to be a problem. I'm getting better with them, and with shellfish, but it can be really daunting.

Great that Billinsgate market doesn't allow kids. Sounds like my kind of place!