Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Equality for All

'I enjoyed making the programmes.'

Cherie Blair comments on her broadcast for the government-funded channel Teachers' TV (all about her work as a human-rights lawyer; dazzlingly televisual apparently). The £3,000 she was paid probably helped encourage her enjoyment. (Observer).

I seem to remember being paid oh...umm...aah...absolutely nothing for the two programmes I appeared in.


Shep said...

And we'll be seing those on Youtube any day now...?

Ashley said...

I recall not getting any money, but I did get a free lunch at the BBC commissary when I was on the Blue Peter Show. It was supposed to be a 'salad' bar. The salad bar had no greens. It had quiche, cottage cheese, canned pears and some other canned fruit. I left hungry.

ems said...

Blue Peter?! I am impressed. Did you get your badge?