Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Six Months On

The Marmite Kid (you either love him or hate him; I'd adopt him tomorrow if I could) was under strict instruction to answer my phone while I was sorting out a problem in the corridor. He took this to include my mobile.

"Miss, miss. There's a policeman on the phone. I think he said he's a detective."

Six months ago I was sexually assaulted on the tube. I was told today that, in effect, the case has been closed. I think I'd worked that out for myself. Three phone calls in all that time and apologies on each occasion for allowing the file to languish kind of convinced me I wasn't top of the pile.

I have been surprisingly quiet listening to arguments about how our every move is being followed: CCTV, oyster cards. These are the two things I was led to believe could catch the perpetrator. The video footage is apparently crystal clear but he's not known to the police. The information from Transport for London is inconclusive.

I received a follow up email from the Indecency Unit thanking me for having reported the crime as if somehow I was doing them a favour. I'm wondering if it would have been less traumatic not to have bothered.


Shep said...

Sometimes we're reminded just how nasty and cruel the outside world can be. We float along invincibly for ages and ages, then something happens and it all becomes small and close and...horrible. And there's no cure - this is the way the world is.

Keep your head up, sweetheart xx

Red said...

That's nasty, Ems, and I am very sorry to hear it. I feel enraged for you, but I also hope you'll be able to put it behind you and move on. Stay strong.

Ashley said...

Infuriating! You are clearly a stronger person than me. I believe I would be consumed with anger and hate.

I am really sorry. Truly.

Rehan Qayoom said...

DISGUSTING! The perpetrator would've bene caught and hanged in ancient Rome whose daily hours and routines we follow but sadly not their laws.