Saturday, September 30, 2006

Digital TV

C. is one of the calmest people you will ever meet. He doesn't do stressed, angry or agitated (unless the football/cricket/rugby league is going particularly badly and even then it's the odd shout and spot of pacing). He only uses the telephone for important matters like arranging a run and bowls matches.

So, I was surprised to find him sat on the sofa, tense, with the telephone clamped to his ear and exclaiming about "15 minutes" and "cuts you off" when I got in from work Wednesday.

There is one other thing about which he cares deeply and that is the television. He tolerates NTL with many a moan as we cannot get a signal from Sky. Wednesday was the day NTL went digital with Telewest. The switchover was made and C. was left with no television channels.

I managed not to giggle which is what I really wanted to do and took myself off to the kitchen. I was dealing with a desperate man on an issue I just cannot understand. I gave up trying to find anything worth watching a good few years back. I kept telling myself it was on a par with someone burning all my books.

Failing to get through to anyone at all Wednesday night (I did try once and was apoplectic after waiting for a lifetime to get an "Oh, dear. We seem to be very busy. Why don't you call back later?" and being cut off) C. spoke to someone Thursday and was told it would be up and running Saturday (with luck). Oooh. That's a long time with no sports coverage.

C. rang me at about 6.50am Friday to tell me he'd just picked up the Metro and "they're really taking the piss." NTL had taken out advertising on the front, back and inside covers* proclaiming their wonderful service. Salt and wounds come to mind.

*Photos to follow when blogger actually lets me add them.


Shep said...

The only time I get to watch the sport is either at the Social Club on the big screen, or the shadowy repeat of Match Of The Day that eldest watches Sunday morning. Mind you, that's probably enough.

I've learnt long ago that my best friend is BBC Radio Five Live.

Her in Westville this causes a huge struggle for supremacy between Radio 4 and Five Live. She wins, usually. But the Fish radio in the bath must stay on Five Live.

Erm...too much information?

ems said...

C. watches the sport AND listens to Radio 5 at the same time.

Ashley said...

The temporary loss of cable / sattelite t.v. can turn the most rational of men into raving lunatics.

Shep said...

TV and Five Live.

Now that's commitment!