Thursday, September 28, 2006


If I hadn't stopped at Tesco
for wine and parsley,

if the 1800 to Shoeburyness
hadn't been cancelled,

if the 1806 to Pitsea
hadn't been too full,

if the District Line
hadn't suddenly terminated at Barking,

I wouldn't have got drenched walking home from the station.


Shep said...

I forgot a jumper and coat today. Just a thin cotton shirt and gap chinos.

Thoroughly soaked (despite my bus being bang on time).

Ashley said...

Just be thankful you have semi-reliable public transportation. Seriously. It's the number one reason I'd consider moving. I hate driving everywhere.

Che-Jay said...

Now in Nottingham we don't have problems as the trams are super efficient.... always!

Rehan Qayoom said...

I once wrote a poem on the same subject. I always get drenched whenever I go out. Either that or thr sun comes out which I hate. Give me snowstorms and zero weather any day.

It's been very cold lately, yay! But had to turn shit hot yesterday because I was going out.