Monday, November 07, 2005

La Haine

The idyll of France for many has been shattered.

The violence is no great surprise to me. I've lived and studied in France. I've taught the big themes of immigration, racism and integration at A-level. The kids were always surprised. The film that blew away all their preconceived ideas of French life was La Haine. (Hate).

The superbly shot film is a day in the life of three teenagers on a Parisian housing estate. Their friend is in a coma after being battered by the police. The fact it was released ten years ago and little or nothing has changed is depressing. It's grim but illuminating. Watch it.


Shep said...

Funnily/uncannily enough my bus driver gave me a copied DVD of the tenth anniversary edition of La Haine last week.

I have a cool bus driver.

ems said...

Blimey. We never get the same driver twice as far as I can tell.

Watch the film - it's good.