Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dear Tesco

Food, and the thought of food, takes up a large part of my life. To this end, in order not to bore regular readers (assuming they weren't already), I have started another blog - all about food. The decision was finally taken after penning a letter to Tesco to tell them I have had enough of their stores not stocking what I want to buy.

I've yet to receive an answer but how will it compare to this gem from today's Metro? (Courtesy of C.).

A woman had written to her local Tesco on three occasions - 'oversized croissants', 'withdrawal of her favourite low-fat ice cream' and the 'withdrawal of her favourite brand of cooking chocolate'.

The response to the third complaint:

We have come to the conclusion that you have astonishingly bad taste in chocolate and Tesco is not prepared to accomodate the less sophisticated market. We suggest you try Sainsbury's as their food is especially bland and may satisfy your plain palette...If you insist on complaining, we sincerely hope you take your custom elsewhere.

Tesco have of course aplogised and said the letter is a hoax... I'd quite like to meet that disgruntled member of staff.



Che-Jay said...

oh I shall have to take a look, i love my Asda ready meals though and jaffa cakes, and a curry after copious amounts of beer. Have you checked my new blog out yet ?

I did send you an email and ask if you wanted to be a contributer, you'd be more than welcome.

However I know very little about food prep/cuisine etc etc.

gawblimeyman said...

If 'god' had wanted man to cook he wouldn't have invented women!
(Only joking, Ow! That frying pan fucking hurts!)