Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And, chips are made from...

Following newspaper reports and Buddhist Guy's blog I decided to take a straw poll of my own.

What are chips made from?

The little loves (all 25 of them aged 11 or 12) wrote their answer on a scrap of paper while I yelled the register this morning. No-one admitted to having watched the news yesterday and given the ridiculous looks on their faces when I told them what they had to do they clearly thought I was mad.

1 child said fat and salt, the other 24 said potato (albeit with various spellings, my favourite being pertayto). When I explained why I had asked they looked even more confused. They clearly thought the answer obvious and one asked 'where did they find these kids?'. Quite.

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coolbuddha said...

That is reassuring. What a relief! I think we need to launch a campaign against dodgy surveys.