Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ham and lettuce in dead bread

I only bought the Independent Saturday because of the free DVD - a French film that the Americans liked the idea of and made their own version - Summersby or something like that. (friends at uni took me to see it to cheer me up after the death of a school friend. Shame they didn't check out the blurb before hand - bloke gets hanged. C. was found swinging from a tree by a man walking his dog. Didn't quite do the trick). Anyway, I digress.

I've become quite disconcerted by the papers over a period of time. I know that I can hardly profess to writerly brilliance - but then I am not paid to do so. For this reason I was overjoyed to read Howard Jacobson's piece Only a depressed Russian would get a kick out of a journey on a Virgin train. It was laugh out loud hysterical. I absolutely loved it. I thought I'd give you a link and encourage you to share my pleasure. But!

I have discovered you have to pay to read it on the web. Scandalous. Get whatever you like on the Guardian website for free. One pound indeed. Ludicrous.

I was tempted to bypass their silly money-making scheme by typing the whole column out (my secretarial skills aren't bad) but I'm too responsible for that. Could I get into trouble?


Che-Jay said...

have you tried the Sunday Sport?

Very informative.

pat said...

sunday sport - a paper of wonderous brilliance. i love it.

have long thought the indie is stupid for having paid for content on its site.
has meant many stories i have not been able to link to on my blog.

emma think of it as being their loss.

gawblimeyman said...

Sounds like you're someone after my own heart. I often only buy papers for the 'freebie' CD or DVD.
I 'pay' a quid, say, for the film and the paper is gratis.
I don't drink tea or coffee. I recently bought a Wallace & Gromit mug, where the nose changes colour with the heat of the mug, for £2.66. I gave away the 'free' 160 tea bags that came with it to one of my mates.