Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fireworks are fun

I do love fireworks and I strongly believe you cannot beat a well organised display. In the past we've been up to Ally Pally and down to Blackheath (the best I've ever seen).

I spotted in the local paper that Canary Wharf was hosting a free display on the Thames Thursday evening – excellent time too. 6pm. Just the right time for me to hit the docks between leaving school and going to the pub.

The wind was strong but the rain had let up (thankfully) and the Riverside was full – of adults. Very few children which in a sense is a shame but positively put paid to all those bah humbug stories about glorifying anti-Catholicism. I am surprised at the strength of feeling here. I for one love the colour, smell and atmosphere of fireworks. I am celebrating a tradition – bright lights on a dark night. The only difference from whan I was a child is that I no longer wear the wellies...

The fireworks were not a disappointment. Absolutely brilliant. You couldn't even see them going up before they exploded (the sign of an expensive firework I reckon). There was a sinister moment as 'gold rain' slid down the sky towards the onlooking crowd before fizzling out. It was like a cloud moving nearer and closer. I was ever so slightly alarmed. As a child I may have been quite scared.

I did get hit in the face by a piece of flying debris. It stung but no lasting damage done.

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pat said...

you should have sued them.