Monday, November 21, 2005

How could I forget?

We have a visitor.

A squatter.

A rodent.

A rat.

It's not good.

This is Thursday night's damage...

We're in a bloody first floor flat. How did the bastard get in?

He should have died of the council's poison today.

Given my relationship with the council, it won't have worked.


coolbuddha said...

Naughty - assuming it's a fella! If we get snow on Thursday, leave the heating off (if its one) and the bugger may freeze to death.

Roberta Swipe said...


Thank you for your comments on my blog. No, rape isn't funny. However, some people choose humour to express their anger and contempt for certain attitudes and political realities and I'm sorry if you have been offended by my decsion to use this approach. I wanted to highlight what I perceive as a dangerous retrenchment of the climate in the UK. As usual, I have been heavy- handed in doing this, but you would never find me personally voicing the assumption that a woman must be the cause of her own degradation when she is the victim of male violence - it is a repellant notion. Judge me on that fact, please. I would add that there is also a pernicious connivance at the denial of women's rights in other cultures - one which, perversely, it is deemed politically incorrect to even mention. That's not funny either, but at least we can discuss our differences of opinion.

Love on ya,


gawblimeyman said...

I had a problem with mice a couple of years ago. I went into the local DIY shop and explained the problem. "How would you like to deal with it?", I was asked politely. "I just want them fucking dead". Bloke in shop laughs. "Had to ask, lots of people go in for that humane crap nowadays..."

Che-Jay said...

Charge it rent, after all rent is a growth industry in London.

coolbuddha said...

I'd forgotten that option! I've shared with worse...

Rehan Qayoom said...

We've had mice for a few years now. Tried everything, nothing works! Everything but one option, to get a cat I suppose though mummy wouldn't like it.