Friday, October 21, 2005

What should have been

Lots of things have caught my attention, had lots of ideas and done lots of things but have I blogged on any of them? Have I heck. I am amazed that I am quite as calm and with it as I am. The new job has been one almightly challenge. It has tested me on a daily basis and I think, for the first time ever, I have truly realised the enormity of what I have achieved. (I've always been a little modest apparently).

This is a snap shot of what you should have known:

1. Closing Oxford Street to traffic. This happened a few weeks ago and I had no idea it was planned. When mum and I stumbled across the road blocks I was ecstatic. Street performers, bands you name it, the road was filled with entertainment. I was particularly taken by the Punjabi-Celtic drummers. Overall I hated it. The pavement and road were so jammed it was nigh on possible to get up the road to Selfridges (sorry Pat - food hall is great). I started wishing for the buses and taxis.

2. After commenting on the old boy sans poop a scoop we saw another tying his dog up outside the newsagents (I was merrily munching on double egg and chips in the caff). He was carrying a rather amusing child's blue bucket and spade for the purpose. I love it.

3. My first visit to the Design Museum. The very same friend who took me to the ICA for Born In Brothels. Again I didn't know what I was going to see. Robert Brownjohn exhibition. Brilliant. The poster and Midland Bank adverts Watching Words Move were superb. You have to see it to understand and unfortunately I cannot find an example on the web. It's on for a while - it's worth a visit.

4. Not taking my camera on the aforementioned jaunt to the Museum. The light was magnificent in the shade of Tower Bridge.

5. St. Peter's Barge. The floating church in Docklands.

6. Wallace and Gromit. Thoroughly English and thoroughly enjoyable. Until I moved (backwards) from Upminster (thoroughly Middle England) to Barking (BNP stronghold) I had an allotment. I was never tempted to grow a prize anything but I do understand how protective one can be of produce.

Let's hope that with half-term on the horizon (next week) I night keep up.

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