Sunday, October 23, 2005

October Half-Term Day Two

I am not tidy and cleaning gives me a headache but there was nothing for it. Today I had to do something to the flat before C.'s patience with me ran out.

I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen; put away all the books on the floor; threw away all the old newspapers; and, hoovered the hall and the front room. Phew. (Unless you have an absolute aversion to these things you will never understand how hard all that was).

When I finally got around to reading the newspaper I was highly excited by the article in the Review about St Etienne's film of the Lower Lea Valley, What Have you Done Today, Mervyn Day? . The very area I went through by train last night. I recognised the picture of the abandoned scrap yard and blocks of flats (until they installed security doors C. used to run up and down them). I laughed out loud at the graffito on the blue bridge 'FUCK SEB COE' (says it all).

When I saw mention of influences from Cohen's London Nobody Knows I knew this was a film for me. All I could think is when is it on? Where? While the PC fired up I tried to think who would go with me? Geordie J? The Gardener? Pat? To hell with it; if I could get a ticket I'd be there on my own.

Once on the Barbican website, I clicked on the link and was instructed to choose my seat. NO! There were none left. I can cope with watching the film without listening to St Etienne live afterwards (I have no idea what 'post-acid house beats' fused with 'Sixties British pop' sounds like) so looked for alternative dates or venues. Nothing.

I am determined it will be out there somewhere. I am now on a mission to find it. Help will be greatly appreciated.

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Che-Jay said...

Here in Nottinghamshire there are cinemas for all !!!