Saturday, October 01, 2005


I really am a morning person - you either identify with that or you don't. Lie-ins are unknown to me.

There is something very special about gazing out the kitchen window at the crisp blue, cloudless sky. The sun is playing with the still-green leaves on the trees. A few leaves have escaped - turned yellow - and are skirting across the vivid green grass. Starlings, crows and wood pigeons take it in turns to pick something up for a meal.

The tubes add to scene as they rattle past. They only disturb the tranquility when they are not running. Conspicuous by their absence.

A beautiful scene I hope you'd agree. Surprisingly I live on a council estate in east London. In a couple of hours time ferral children will be kicking footballs at my window, inflicting more damage on my car and creating general havoc.

Long live early mornings.

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pat said...

cage the kiddies. you know it makes sense.