Monday, October 24, 2005

October Half-Term Day Three

I have been reliably informed that the wardrobe in the bedroom is for clothes. So, I started today very much in the same vein as yesterday, by cleaning. I divested the floor of its attire – five possible options: wardrobe, ironing, washing-bin, charity, dustbin – and did the resulting ironing. (Major achievement). I then hoovered the carpet. Wow, the bedroom even looks bigger.

I popped round the corner for some loo roll and a newspaper and waited for my dad to arrive. He has done remarkably well. Made redundant 5 times since the age of 50 and still working. He got a job against all the odds this year – redundant at 64 and in employment within a couple of weeks in his field (carpets). Since then he has gone on to a 3 day week. A chance for him to do some jobs for me and for me to pass on some money.

The council alleges the windows they fitted last year are double-glazed. I will even admit they look that way but the draft is major. Dad has been brought on side to put up curtain poles and the cheapest curtains we could find to back up the very nice blinds I already have. Tomorrow he'll be draft-proofing the cupboard which houses the electricity and gas pre-payment meters which lets in a gale. I only have central heating in the front room and the hall. Both are crap. The bedroom must resemble the arctic in mid-winter.

I started reading Frankenstein even though I was very tempted to start Bloody Foreigners first. I love the story of immigration into England especially London. It's what makes it so great.

I've rounded up the day by making beef burgers of the highest order. Steak mince, onion, red pepper and parsley. Lovely served up in toasted buns with lettuce and mustard mayonnaise. Beats Mc Do and Burger King any day.


Che-Jay said...

ahh women working, always makes me feel good !!!

ems said...

Had too many similar comments from Pat to rise to the bait. (Bastard).