Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I mentioned very recently my saunter to the tube station early in the morning.

Today, I noted an older man in a donkey jacket walking his sandy-coloured, wirey dog. Slightly ahead of me.

Before I knew it the dog had shit in the middle of the pavement and the bloke had walked off. Rather nervously, I called "excuse me" and then again louder. I wasn't acknowledged so I caught up and repeated my rather polite and feeble "excuse me".

"Didn't know you were talking to me".

"Are you going to clear that up?".

"F**k off".

"It's disgusting. It's bad anywhere but there's a primary school here. You should clean up after the dog".

"F**k off".

I rather weakly attempted to finish our encounter by informing the gentleman I would be calling the council. I think you know what his response was.


Che-Jay said...

Good for you, I really hate that, there's an old bloke lives just down from me and when ever he takes his repugnant dog out it always takes a dump near my gate.

pat said...

for someone who is so messy that even channel 4 would not do a show about cleaning his flat i hate people who litter.
they should all be shot.
they would be if i was in charge.
so remember vote for pat.