Sunday, October 02, 2005


My dad rang this morning. He was listening to Radio 5 where they were hotly debating the topic of blogs. He asked what I thought was the most common subject for a blog. I hesitated. So many blogs, so many different likes and ideas. Tell me, I said.


Is this true? I've yet to come across a site on wool, patterns and needles. I have to admit to being very surprised.

I haven't checked back over a year but I am quite certain that the Hobbits Journal has not mentioned knitting. But he wrote a very nice appreciative piece about my intermittent blogging so I am reciprocating. For news of life in Nottingham (NOT the capital), TV and a truly in-depth knowledge of music (which puts me totally to shame) click here. It's good!


pat said...

oddly i had heard the programme and have commented on it.

i believe cliff had a link to someone who talked about knitting.

Che-Jay said...

I'm truly humbled, yep it's true I know more about music than Pat!

Warmest thanks from up here in Nottingham, Englands fair capital city!

ems said...

Che-jay - I quote from something you wrote yourself: Public transport is generally fab in cities but lacking elsewhere, I live in elsewhere!

I rest my case for me living in the capital.

Che-Jay said...

My dear em's - I know public transport is good in London but here in the capital, Nottingham we now have TRAMS. In my home town we have now graduated to the trusty horse and cart, a step up from shank's pony.