Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kitchen Diaries

I love Nigel Slater. I make no bones about it. The man is a god and I would be happy to eat his food all day every day. I am even considering sending him fan mail (something I have never done before. Ever).

His latest offering is the Kitchen Diaries. What he cooked and scoffed for a year. Very nicely written commentary with recipes and beautiful photos.

I got to thinking. I could entertain the three people who look at my blog with what I cook and eat. I could introduce them to my ideas of seasonality and could encourage myself to break with my deathly link to the supermarket.

I attempted to photograph last night's chicken and spinach curry with rice. Someone (C.) had stolen the batteries to my camera. It wasn't to be.


Che-Jay said...

I prefer Nigella Lawson, preferably in a barn with a wench outfit on, she can cook later!

pat said...

i would do the same - but people would get bored of the pizza photos.

Shep said...

"Make no bones" - Oh you're good.