Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things I Saw

I quite like walking to the tube in the mornings. I saunter; swinging my packed lunch and reading book in my bag (red and blue with a pig's big round face). I glance around me and smile. There is often little to see. Other people are in bed at 6.50am.

A cat feasting on a pot of yoghurt and some chicken bones from a black plastic sack.

A man, complete with too-short trousers, canvas record bag, shaved head and hat and who screamed Hare Krishna at me (not literally - we're talking appearances), carrying a red bucket of steaming hot water on the tube to Canary Wharf and then onto the Docklands. He alighted at Island Gardens same as me. Where was he going? Why had he carried his own water with him for the past 15 minutes or so? (Not that he had that much left - he was slopping the water everywhere. I narrowly avoided an accident with my new chocolate brown suede boots). Bizarre.


Che-Jay said...

Cool blog, I work nights and my shift starts at 00:30am, so like your walk most people are tucked up in bed. I work on the outskirts of town so on my merry way I've seen fox's, mice, hedgehogs, drunk people and the pagan sacrifices we often have in the grim north. I also listen to my mp3 player as I trundle in the dark, often listening to Alice Cooper songs and getting scared.

pat said...

nothing ever interesting happens to me.
i am mr boring.