Sunday, October 30, 2005

Breath deeply

I am getting rather angry about my inability to add photos to posts this evening. It just isn't happening. The words are ready but the illustrations aren't. They will have to wait.

On a happy note, I came across the Grolsch quiz in the week. Clever Clogs. Answer general knowledge questions against the clock. On my first attempt I was four thousand odd in line to the title. This evening I claimed 13th place with 1772 points. I am DETERMINED to make the top 10. Beat me if you can!


pat said...

oooh there is the competive spirit.
or should that be the competitve beer....

coolbuddha said...

Hope it is easier that Soduku! I'm on a version using only 3 numbers, although it is starting to look much like naughts and crosses!