Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Regent's Canal

Before I regale you with stories from my Regent's Canal walk, chosen by Coolbuddha, I must make a confession.

I was forced into committing a sacrilegious act. The printer jammed as I tried to copy the relevant pages of the guidebook. I was quite determined I was not taking any extra baggage this time so I unceremoniously butchered the pages from the binding with a pair of Ikea kitchen scissors. I did feel guilty but as the day wore on the memory conjured up a naughty giggle more akin to having been caught behind the bike sheds.

My excitement was tempered at the bus stop to Barking. In stark contrast to last Thursday this was a walk I was looking forward to but the weather could not have been more different. The wind was biting into me and the cold chilling my bones.

I was cheered on the train by the sight of families talking to one another. One little lad was told by his grandmother that the Gherkin was “Ken's New Building”. He confidently asserted it would be better named the “Bullet Building”. I managed to keep my gob shut and not point out the mistakes being made and got off the train with his imaginative comment of “this station must be called after a house made of lemons and limes” (Limehouse) ringing in my ears.

It doesn't matter what the time the buses always crawl down from Aldwych to Trafalgar Square. The Column is being cleaned. Buggers up the tourists' photos (which does, unfortunately, make me laugh).

We covered the main shopping street with ease and were soon winging our way up the Edgeware Road. I defy anyone to find more establishments starting with Z within spitting distance of each other – Zam Zam (supermarket), Zonzo (Italian restaurant) and Zorba (Middle Eastern eaterie).

Surprisingly, I managed to get off at the right bus stop for Warwick Avenue. I am usually so preoccupied with missing the stop that I get off too early.

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