Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Spectators

These two were indefatigable - running up and down, shouting, screaming, encouraging and banging saucepan lids together to support the runners in the marathon today. He is wearing Morris Dancer bells round his knees (thought the Hare Krishnas were coming when they first appeared) and her t-shirt says No Loo Stops. I was actually wearing the same socks as her but mine were safely hidden under a pair of boots and jeans.


Ashley said...

No Loo Stops. Classic.

Hanuman1960 said...

Are these soccer fans, or what?

coolbuddha said...

The marathon is so exhausting. Honestly, standing there with a bottle of Guinness cheering folk on. You need a year to recover.

SUPER said...

This is hilarious! I may have to make my own shirt that says No Loo Stops!

And I totally agree with coolbuddha...drinking beer and cheering is almost as exhausting as running...surely it is?

ems said...

Hanuman, they were watching the marathon. Their faces are painted with the cross of St George and they both have flags tucked down the back of their shorts to celebrate St George's Day (patron saint of England who never set foot in the place); as to the rest of their costume, who knows? They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Che-Jay said...

For a moment there I thought they were just everyday cockneys!

The Fatalist said...

Well that's what the London Marathon does:
It's a loony magnet for every nutcase from up north.
The old chocolate bar changed its name from Marathon to Snickers a few years ago.
The London race is sponsored by Flora, the margarine brand.
I know chocolate isn't supposed to be that healthy (except a Mars a day, helps you work, rest & play)
but what a great avertising opportunity:The Snickers London Marathon.