Sunday, January 28, 2007

Usually when I go quiet it's because I've been so wrapped up in work (fight season seems to be upon us - took an elbow to my cheekbone Friday; mightily relieved not to have a black eye) that I haven't actually done anything / thought anything worth mentioning. But that isn't quite the case.

Fiona Shaw in Beckett's Happy Days. Photograph: Tristram Kenton.

I've been to the theatre. Fiona Shaw was an utterly convincing Winnie in Beckett's Happy Days at the National. We watched one of the previews last week. C. was totally bored while I was riveted. I spent the journey home asking the same insistent questions: "You must at least be impressed with Shaw's performance?", "Aren't you amazed at how anyone can learn a near-monologue like that?" and "How did she cope with just her top-half visible in the first half and just her head in the second?" C. is hoping for better things next week - George Etherege's The Man of Mode.

I've booked a holiday. In an attempt to lower our carbon footprint (and the fact that I get more and more fed up with the whole rigmarole of flying) we're staying at home this year. I'm just as excited about a week in Cornwall as I usually am for two weeks in Greece. The photo above is a view from the apartment we're going to be staying in.
I've bought an Eco Kettle. The dual chambers mean you can fill the kettle up but then release exactly the amount of water you need (measured in cups) into the boiling chamber. It only arrived on Friday so I am still at the novelty stage. I love it!


Red said...

I love that kettle, and well done you for adopting concrete solutions to save energy.

I hear you about the flying too, and it's commendable, though I don't think giving up your holiday abroad is going to save the polar bears from drowning, unfortch. Having said that, Cornwall looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

The Greek apartment looks like heaven. The kettle looks fascinating - This holiday will help get your mind in perspective, away from the din and tumult of London.

Ashley said...

Be sure to post the details about the Cornwall trip. I tend to spend too much time in the cities when I go to the UK. I need ideas for the next visit (which won't be soon as the dollar to Euro exchange is quite hard on my pocketbook!).

City Slicker said...

HI EMS - Glad to hear yuo enjoyed Happy Days. I may have to agree with C though it left me traumatised. I amalso hoping better for Man of the Mode this coming Monday!

Great kettle indeed!

coolbuddha said...

Cornwall. Can't beat it. Having given the details you may just find me staying next door. I promise to behave.