Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thursday night at the National

Walk over the Waterloo Bridge.

Meal at Strada.

Writing paper from Foyles.

Music from the Julian Jackson Trio.

Photos by Nobby Clark.

Man of Mode directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Walk over the Hungerford Bridge.


Ashley said...

Nice date!

Karen said...

Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the evening.

What ever happened to your walking statue tour?

ems said...

I have seven left, Karen, for next week. I did my knee a mischief at Christmas and have had to take it easy.

City Slicker said...

A dream evening indeed.

What did you think of the play? My colleague found it unsatisfying, too superficial. I am going at the end of the month and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

ems said...

I did enjoy the play but I do have a niggling feeling that something was missing. I think it lacked an edge or bite (if you know what I, in my amateur way, mean). Rory Kinnear, however, was superb.