Monday, January 01, 2007


When people ask where I live I always seem to feel the need to justify why I live in Barking. (I'm holding back the urge to write the reason).

It's a difficult town to describe to someone who has never heard of it. Once home to Billy Bragg; now the BNP. It's a hard place where people have felt the knocks of life. The town centre is full of cheap shops - 99p, Cash Converters, pawnbrokers, pie and mash.

But it can be beautiful on days like these.


Anonymous said...

Alas it lacks the splendour of Nottinghamshire!

Anonymous said...

Oh and happy new year too!

Anonymous said...

it looks charming. Whats the matter with pie and mash. Rather - what is pie and mash? Is that shepards pie and mashed tators?

Anonymous said...

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining castle built upon the sand!

I think Barking ought to have retained some of the decent shopping places it once had - The Pie & Mash shop is usually always closed now. I had a chat with the pieman about a year ago and he was complaining about the fake-chicken shops taking over.

ems said...

Olives - nothing wrong with pie and mash. Shepherd's pie is topped with mashed potato. These pies are pastry with, traditionally, a meat filling accompanied by mash and possibly liquer. It's the jellied and stewed eels that put me off. For pics: Manzes

Rehan - I HATE the smell of the chicken places. It overwhelms you as you wait for the bus opposite the station. Nasty, nasty places.