Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Unexpected

Certain routine events just happen with little thought and little in the way of expectations. This is usually true of a trip to the shop for some Brillo pads and loo roll.

Homeward bound and waiting patiently for the green man to appear and guide me safely across the road, I was taken by surprise when two men sauntered over, said hello and invited me to a party.

The correct response was probably something like "Not on your f***ing nelly, mate!"

My response? "Sorry, I have a chicken in the oven."

I despair.


Anonymous said...

If it were me I'd've been delighted and accepted the invitation as a religious obligation. Das ist la difference!

Anonymous said...

Hehe good answer ;-). I take it you didn't have a chicken in the oven? I'll bear that one in mind if it happens to me in the future. In fact, it's such a classic, I hope it happens to me sometime soon. I mean, what can you possibly say to that?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think your actual response was better.

Anonymous said...

Its more original than I have a bun in the oven!

City Slicker said...

Good one.

Did they ask to come home to roost?

Anonymous said...

"not on your f**king nelly, mate!"

Ok, since you missed a good chance to use the above phrase, I will strive to incorporate it into a response sometime this week.

It will bring harmony back to the world.

By the way, what's a nelly?

ems said...

Ashley - no idea! Set phrase you don't think about. I don't want to do too much digging I may not like what I find out!

pat said...

where were your manners? surely you should have asked them back for a bite to eat.