Thursday, December 28, 2006


Leg one of the statue walk is done. I should be a little disappointed that I left home at 8.45am and returned at 4pm with just sixteen under my belt. But I did some walking I can tell you. My right knee is done for. When I say sixteen I actually mean fourteen. Two have gone.

You may be wondering why you suddenly have a picture of shrubbery but these are redundant Christmas trees. It's a council drop-off point at the top end of Brunswick Square. Just three days after Christmas these struck me as incredibly wasteful.


Anonymous said...

The Waste Land - SHOCKING.

Red said...

We bought a fake tree more than ten years ago and we still wheel that little baby out every year.

It's a real shame to destroy healthy trees for a handful of days of decorative pleasure. Now they're trying to make us feel better and greener by saying that the trees can be recycled... but why have them at all? As much as I hate plastic (and I really, really do), it's the only sensible way to go in this instance. Unless, of course, one dispenses with the tree altogether and goes for the aluminium pole recommended by the Festivus celebrants...

ems said...

I do actually have a real tree, Red, but I do feel guilty about it now. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Going out and buying a tree has always been part of Christmas for us. And I have an inbuilt hatred of plastic trees - comes from working in Woolworths at Christmas all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy trees, but I don't feel too bad about the whole Christmas tree scene. There are tree farms in the US that grow the trees specifically for Christmas. So every year, trees are replanted.

In my community, people put their trees out on a specified day during the first week in January and a truck comes to get them to take them to the wood chipper. The chipped wood is piled up at the edge of a city park and we are then allowed to go take as much of the wood as we want to mulch our gardens.

It works out great.

Happy New Year!