Thursday, December 07, 2006

Break Time

Photo from BBC website

After having spent two hours invigilating trial SATs exams with behaviourally-challenged pupils on my own (and gettting the zip of my right boot caught on the left knee of my pink fishnets) I had the pleasure of break duty. Stopping pupils from entering the building.

Sky goes black in a blink. The heavens open. Hailstones plummet. The wind roars and the children stampede screaming into the building. I do not stop them. Phenomenal.

And we are in east London. We can only imagine what it was like in the north west. Scary.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Amazing! I've only just found out via your blog!

Red said...

Living in a house built in 1847 (and one that has had precious little maintenance since then, I daresay), I really feel for these poor people. And what a miracle that nobody got killed.

Che-Jay said...

I hear there was about £3 worth of damage!

a.c.t said...

I feel sorry for that poor woman who'd only just moved in to her house and was told she couldn't claim insurance because the paperwork hadn't gone through.