Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I fell into special needs teaching. I'm not really sure how. I've always thought you have to be creative with kids and as much as we want them simply to do what we want them to when we say it just ain't gonna happen all the time.

A boy with significant problems was moved into my tutor group (against my better judgement).

I want him to sit at the table like everyone else. He takes a chair to the back wall and does his best to curl up underneath it. I explain to everyone else what to do and go to join him with my own chair.

Miss, what are you doing?”

I'm not sure. The floor's cold, don't you think?”

But, what are you doing?”

Seeing the world from your angle?”

For God's sake. There's something wrong with you.” He says with disgust. He takes his chair to the table and sits down.

Mission accomplished.


Shep said...

and how long did you stay under the table after that?

if i were a teacher...I might just stay there.

Karen said...

Excellent job Ems. You've got that special touch.

Anonymous said...

I rate you.

Ashley said...

You are obviously more patient than I am.

Anonymous said...