Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Barking probably isn't what springs to mind when one mentions Broadway but it is in fact the name of the local theatre. (Although I have heard some refer to it as the Dudley Moore).

Having bought tickets to watch Jo Brand quite some time ago I am on their mailing list. I like the idea of supporting the local arts. And then I open the latest brochure.

I mean, what do I go for? An Audience with Jimmy Greaves in February or Chas and Dave in March?


Debra said...

I live locally too, and actually quite like both Jimmy Greaves (I read his autobiography years ago. Very interesting, actually) and Chas and Dave.

Not sure what that says about me!!

Jamie said...

How about going for a refund if that's the only two choices.

Is that what used to be the circus tavern or something, the big one by the esso garage?

ems said...

Debra - I only just about remember Jimmy Greaves from the programme Saints and Greavsie.

Jamie - the Circus Tavern is away off down the A13 in Purfleet. The Broadway is actually in Barking town centre.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the Broadway! Never actually been to see anything there. I used to like the old place which was in quite good condition - when I went to community meetings in the small hall and on other miscelaneous ocassions.

Actually I dropped into the new building once for a coffee but was told I couldn't use the cafe unless I had a ticket to watch a play!