Monday, August 14, 2006

Normal Service Resumes

Well, the British summer is back. Too cold without a jacket, too hot with one. Yesterday morning I went to the newsagents prepared. I did ponder who looked more ridiculous - the people struggling with their inside-out umbrellas at the bus stop or me in my walking boots and kag-in-a-bag (Millet's version of a pac-a-mac). Yes, okay, probably me but I am sure I was drier.

Yesterday evening had me fooled though. I again went to the newsagents (yogurt and wine) but this time in jeans, t-shirt and sandals. There were blue patches of sky and all was well with the world. Until I got halfway between home and my destination. The heavens opened. And I really do mean the heavens opened.

I spent at least six minutes with an Asian man sheltering under a sweet chestnut. He now knows rather more about English trees than he did before the downpour. He probably also thinks I'm mad. He too was going to the newsagents and he definitely said something about me in Bengali when we entered. I'm trying not to dwell too much on what.


pat said...

whats wrong with getting wet... last time i got caught in a downpour i was quickly soaked (just a t-shirt and jeans) so it seemed pointless to wait it all out. there i was striding through soho when a young voice cried out "oh you are brave to be out in this". i smiled and said something witty, urbane and profound. "arn't you cold?" she said. no i said. though i suspect my rock hard nipples were telling a differnt story.
ah thats why you hid under the tree.

ems said...

Fine line between bravery and stupidity, as they say, Pat.