Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm back!

So, I've swapped the sound of sea and cicadas for sirens and children screaming.

I've been sat here arguing with myself for the last 40 minutes or so. I need to go to school. I can wing it. I need to go to school. I can wing it. Ring X; he has the information I need. It's not fair to ring staff during the holidays. I need to go to school.

I have to speak to all the staff tomorrow about the new intake. 160+ people all bored as hell sat in a hall. I thought the information was on my laptop but it isn't. It was on my school email but I deleted it in a temper tantrum. (I'd asked for the format to be changed at least six times to make it easier on the eye). My fault.

I can wing it.


Shep said...

Yeah that'll be a great big whopping welcome back type thing, eh?

I returned from 2 weeks holiday to find nothing I had left for other people to do had been done. Oh and someone had quit.

I already need another holiday (on top of the London break that is...maybe I'm being greedy, eh?)

Doug said...

Yes, but did you enjoy your holiday? What did you do? Was it fun and relaxing?