Thursday, February 15, 2007


You know how it is when you really hope that one act will precipitate another. The people at the bus stop who jokingly light up exclaiming "well, the bus'll definitely be along now." Going to brush your teeth because then the phone call you've been waiting for will come through just as your mouth fills with lathered up toothpaste.

In the same vein she really hoped that if she made the pastry the meat delivery man would arrive. Still wearing her (mis-matched) pyjamas, flour and butter covered hands. It had to work, didn't it?



Red said...

However, this morning, as I was cleaning the bathroom still in my PJs (and wearing no bra, so with my one of my breasts on my chest and the other by my belly button) the delivery man did arrive. I hid up the stairs shrieking "I've got no bra on!" and sent * to open the door. See? Worked for me...

pat said...

meat man ... is that like some barking phrase that is used in "confessions of" movies.

just thought i would bring the tone down.