Monday, February 12, 2007

"A strutting, consequential little man"

I need to reread all 709 pages of this:

before Sunday when I go to see this:


Anonymous said...

That Hogarth biography is doubtless the definitive one to read. I'm about half-way through it myself. Some of his works hang in the Sir John Soanes House Museum and they even have his rather wide and no doubt very comfortable armchair to look at. I think this is on till April, no? Hopefully if I am able to walk on my own 2 feet this is one of the exhibitions I need to go and see. Hogarth (to paraphrase the Sunday Times article on him by Waldemar Januszczak (can anybody ever actually spell his name without looking it up?) he was perhaps the first British painter/engraver, certainly the best to capture the English face and character. English with a capital E that is -

ems said...

I've a deep-seated fascination with Hogarth (which is why this is a rereading of the biography). I also have a fondness for the John Soane museum - but in small doses. Sensory overload is almost obligatory - there is so much there.