Sunday, March 04, 2007

Everything has been something of a struggle recently but a good weekend has gone some way to restoring the equilibrium.

Good food from Borough Saturday.

Ranunculus from Columbia Road Sunday. I haven't bought cut flowers for a long time -they're not exactly environmentally friendly - but a girl needs a treat every so often.


Ashley said...

You are correct, sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something that makes you happy!


Pecos Blue said...

They are beautiful

Karen said...

Welcome back Ems! We missed you. The flowers are beautiful but don't worry about them not being environmentally friendly. There are plenty of things which are far worse that you could have done. Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back - The flowers seem to be saying grandly. I clicked on your blog every day in my motionless state, in vain, until tonight. Hope you had a wonderful, beautiful weekend with plenty of relaxation and plenty of you time.