Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Table à deux

The advice given to me by an Old Boy who I'd helped on the DLR was ringing in my ears "don't consort with men you don't know" when a complete and utter weirdo attempted to share my table in a Chinese restaurant last night.

I'm more than happy to share tables if needs must (Cafe Lido Great Castle Street springs immediately to mind) but I was the only customer in a place that seats about 40.

I was rescued by the Middle Son (there are three I know of; never present on the same evening) who suggested rather forcefully he might like to sit somewhere else (where he had to contort himself into a strange position to even glance at me). Middle Son then pondered the point that very few women eat out on their own (and should I care a fig (I don't) he'd have made me feel like the weirdo).

Woo Sang. Lisle Street. Looks dilapidated. Straightforward, cheap and cheerful food with good service. £4.50 for a huge plate of food and an orange juice. Beats Burger King hands down for a quick fix.


Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow... i don't know how i would have reacted if a strange man asked to sit at my table when the place was clearly emptied.

so glad that guy made you feel good about eating alone... oh wait.

well, i say bravo for eating alone! who cares if people think it's weird. girl's gotta eat, right... might as well be alone.

(thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way. so glad you stopped by :)

Che-Jay said...

It's funny that, whilst on the train from Newark to Nottingham a while back this girl of about 25 and very corporately dressed was sat all alone...... until this guy came along and plonked next to her when there were loads of seats. Anyway he barrages her with irrelevent questions after trying to shake her hand. At first I thought it could be someone with learning difficulties but it turned out he was firmly on the pull. The poor girl quickly grabbed her mobile and made a call, after the call he resumed, she makes another call. After that call he resumes again so she decides to make the next call last the whole journey. She got off at Newark station with me, evidently relieved he hadn't got off too!