Monday, November 06, 2006


Coming off the escalator and through the barriers on the tube this morning:

"I only use my mobile for real emergencies, things like 'I'm on my way home' and 'have you got the milk?'


Anonymous said...

Funnly enough (calling myself a poet) I rarely overhear interesting conversation on't tube. Perhaps I'm too engrossed in perusing a rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha that snippet's funny

Ashley said...

I try to keep it those types of 'emergencies' too. I hate talking on the phone. I don't know why.

City Slicker said...

very funny indeed

i wish i had sombody to ask about milk

single life...sob sob

Che-Jay said...

I heard this one the other day in a pub as two blokes chatted at the bar about sleep and their wives waking them

'I wish she wouldn't wake me as I like to do my own thing when I'm asleep !'