Saturday, November 18, 2006


Bengal Lancer (as advertised by Billy Bragg). Conversation on the next table. A couple are eating and a friend has joined them while he waits for his take away.

"We go in the Barking Greek a lot...The place opposite the station. They have music in the corner. They're a quartet or a duo."

"Well, are there two or four of them?"



Anonymous said...

And Norseman and Negro and Gaul and Greek
drank with the Britons in the Barking Creek

Blimey, I've lived in Barking all me life but have never visited either of those restaurants. I loved the name of 'The Barking Greek' when it opened recently or was converted from some place other. A girl in my class at school was the daughter of the geezer who owned the Bengal Lancer. Have you read Billy Bragg's recent book on patriotism? I stumbled across it in BORDERS on Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago and I think it's a scorcher!

ems said...

The reference to Barking Creek is funny in that I thought it was what the guy was saying to start with. I was perplexed - there's nothing at Barking Creek except new houses and an overwhelming stink of shit (raw sewage for those of you not familiar with the area).

The Greek was replacing another Greek. I keep meaning to try it out but forget it's there.

I bought Bragg's book for a friend but have yet to read it myself.

Make a difference, Rehan, use an independent bookshop!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I use lots of independent bookshops and second-hand bookshops too. Once I'm in them I'm in them for good! That particular BORDERS has a special relationship with me so I always end up there after my outdoor excursions.

Just slightly off topic, I can't really remember what brought me to your blog to be honest but I've been hooked on it ever since! So I hope you intend to keep at it ;-)