Saturday, November 18, 2006

Most people waiting for the tube at Upney are either reading (the Sun) or staring at the backs of the houses opposite while pondering life's big questions (what shall I cook for dinner and is that bloke in accounts going to be a twat again today?). Not so one woman Friday morning.

She was plucking her eyebrows.



Karen said...

There is a women who catches the same bus as I do every weekday and uses her commute to put on all her makeup. However, she has time in the morning before leaving the house to do her hair. I don't understand why she doesn't get up an extra 5 minutes in the morning to put on her face before she leaves the house. One unexpected brake by the driver and her eyeliner becomes an eye poker.

ems said...

Karen, there are occasionally women on the tube attempting to put their make-up on. The one thing that really infuriates me is nail-clipping. I do have to say something as that really is not nice.

I personally do not wear, and have never worn, make up. Save myself a fortune in money and time.

Ashley said...

I can tolerate the face painters. I cannot tolerate the groomers. Disgusting! No nail clipping, no eyebrow plucking, no flossing one's teeth! Gross!

I don't have public transport, but it happens in traffic jams, too. Some people think their cars and trucks are have invisiblity shields. Nose picking, singing, flossing... anything goes when people feel they aren't being watched.

Anonymous said...

Eww. It's the snoggers on the tube in the early morning which also annoy me. Love is a wonderful thing, etc, but lovey dovey on the Jubilee Line at 7.30am is a bit much.