Thursday, October 26, 2006

St Paul's

I only remember the Whispering Gallery from when I was a child. I cannot remember going outside and admiring the views from the Stone and Golden Galleries (the latter only 530 steps up). We did so on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I visited St. Paul's Cathedral for the first time on 2 October 2000 and saw the tombs of Sir Christopher Wren (its architect), Nelson and Wellington. I also climbed the 259 steps to the Whispering Gallery then 119 steps to Stone Gallery then 158 steps to Golden Gallery and a further 13 steps to Ball & Lantern from which one can look out across London from a height of 355½ feet (from the floor).

Highgate Cemetery is situated upon Highgate Hill which is 450 feet above sea level making it higher than St. Paul's. The view from Hampstead Heath is no longer steeple-surrounded as Constable painted it but dwarfed by giant mostro-cities. The view from Tate Mod on t'other side beyond the Thames - is truly awesome and a natural work of art itself. The hand of God warps the hand of human gilding.

The view across London from Nunhead Hill is really something magnificent and unique, in that St. Paul's still reigns supreme. Unlike where it once did rule the scene from the top of Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath but is now barely distinguishable. Here is a picture:

Gardenia said...

The pictures are wonderful!