Saturday, May 13, 2006


Children with dyslexia often have a terrible time at school. I can only imagine how frustrating it is when you are creative and imaginative but are unable to put the ideas down in the traditional way, ie. with pen on paper. We teach the children strategies and skills to help them with their learning and encourage staff to offer alternative ways of introducing, displaying and recording information.

Walking towards the escalator a couple of weeks ago at West Ham station I read a prominent sign: THE HEAT MIGHT GET TO 24C IN LONDON TODAY . PLEASE DRINK LOTS OF WATER AS THE CARIDGIS WILL GET HOT AND STUFFY.

My first reaction was to cringe but I then wondered why we place such a huge emphasis on correct spelling. I knew, from the context, exactly what was meant so what did the spelling really matter?

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The Fatalist said...

I can spell, as you will see if you spot mistakes in my blog, it's my typing that lets me down.
But checking spelling costs nothing, use a dictionary if need be. It may be slightly irrational, but do you really trsut them to run a railway safely if they can't even spell?