Monday, May 15, 2006

I forgot to mention an embarrassing episode that occurred last Monday.

I had an important meeting at the Town Hall for which I toddled off on the Docklands. Many of the stations are 'in the air' as it were and involve lots of steps. I could see the Town Hall clearly from Blackwall but couldn't quite work out how to penetrate the wall surrounding the place. I caught up with the man in front, who resembled a porter, in the hope he could help me out. We had a lovely little chat as he led me through a gateway I probably would never have found on my own.

He went his way and I went mine. At least I tried to but there was a man blocking the rotating doors. I was just about to proffer an 'excuse me' when he moved. So I moved. He stopped. I slapped straight into the back of him. In amongst the side-stepping and apologies that ensued I thought I recognised the guy and decided I must know him from the education department or something. I issued forth a cheery “hello”. As he replied, complimenting me on my “fine hair” it dawned on me I'd made a terrible mistake. I didn't know him at all.

It was George Galloway!!


coolbuddha said...

Sell your story to the tabloids NOW! He may have good taste (damn him!) but that's no excuse.
PS: I am happy to act as agent on 10%. Ignore that Max Clifford - he's an amateur.

Shep said...

Ignore Max Clifford and Coolbuddha - I can represent you...we'll have you on the front of Nuts before you know it.

Or Heat.

Or Take A Break.

Or Living Marxism.

Hanuman1960 said...

Who's George Galloway?

Che-Jay said...

I'm sure Pat will have something to say, you and george exchanging pleasantries!

ems said...

Jay - I rang Pat as soon as the meeting was over. I knew he would find it far funnier than anyone else.

Coolbuddha and Shep - thanks for the offers but I've already had stardom on Teacher's TV. I regularly have people ringing the school to come watch me in action!!

Ashley said...

Wow. Tony and George haven't rounded him up and sent him to Gitmo, yet?

Hanuman - George Galloway is a British politician from Dundee who has unique political leanings. For example, I believe he was once a staunch supporter of Yassir Arafat and the PLO (is that a fair assessment?).

Besides, who's ever heard of a Dundonian who doesn't take a drink?

pat said...

you scored.
emms for respect.