Monday, March 20, 2006

Things You Overhear

1. Calling your children by a biblical name rather than Tyrone or Tyreece means they will grow up good (young lad; 87 bus from Barking to Romford).

2. Imported, out of season strawberries are still good for the cellulite round the bottom of your buttocks (twenty-something Scouser; Tesco, Canary Wharf).

3. Although there are too many f**king foreigners asking for directions in London, you cannot ignore them just in case you go to their country (late-twenties, East Ender; Matter of Time pub, Mile End).


liits said...

Biblical names can still be a bit of a pisser...
For example my brothers and myself are, in decending order
Had my paternal grandmother had her way, I [Christopher] would have been named Elvis.

The Fatalist said...

Liits: Why you not called John then?
Em: Biblical names: I never had one of my own, as I refused to get confirmed, when you choose one (It's a Catholic thing). If I had it would have been Damian, out of the Omen films!
Out of season strawberries help scousers talk out of their arse.
Fair point about directions. I couldn't agree more, though I don't always comply,especially if they're huge slobs of Americans! ;-)

Going back to names: well myself and 3 siblings all have Hungarian names, my old man insisted, as that was his homeland. My brother, the oldest, was lucky. My mum, from Austria, wanted to call him Wolfgang..Imagine him having that moniker as a teenager in the seventies when Citizen Smith was prime time comedy on television!
Power to the people, Wolfie!
A lucky escape me thinks!

Che-Jay said...

What about 'Women should be obscene and not heard?' I heard that and it made me smile (best not say if i agreed with it !!!)