Monday, March 20, 2006


I've long campagined for those of us stuck in flats to be able to fill the orange recycling bags given freely to houses in Barking. We're serviced by the same dustcart but for some unfathomable reason aren't entitled to use them (even though the council is having a green campaign at the moment and attempting to up their recycling rates).

Walking to the tube this morning I started looking jealously at the recycling bags waiting for the refuse truck. By the time I hit the station I'd recognised three things:

1. The bags were full of convenience food packaging, tins and plastic bottles.
2. I use very few tins and exactly none of the others.
3. I am in danger of becoming a food snob.

I am thinking of changing my campaign to one for composting for flats. I'm sure my carrot peelings would help the roses in the local park along.

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