Sunday, March 26, 2006


Possibly one of the most overused phrases in the English language is “I don't know anything about art but I know what I like”.

When Pat first mentioned Dan Flavin's lights I wasn't sure it was for me. I read good reviews but still was not convinced.

Another well-worn saying about not judging something until you've seen it/read it sprang to mind. So when Pat suggested we paid a visit to the gallery last week I agreed.

Very unusually (read unheard of) I felt rather seasick on the tube and felt the need to buy some chocolate (very rare) from one of the kiosks at Embankment in the hope it would make me feel better. After the embarrassment of asking if they had a marathon(!) I nearly broke my teeth on it. Clearly, it had been a cold day. I had to use my back chompers to break into it.

In the Starbucks adjoining the gallery I spotted my second famous person of the evening. The first got on the tube at Monument and I had a vague recollection of him being a tv presenter. I have since worked out it was Ross Kelly.

I've had no luck with the second – an actor. Older, biggish, round glasses, slightly scruffy/eccentric looking. There was possibly a third person in the Thai/Chinese restaurant that rounded off the night. Pat informs me he bears a passing resemblance to Rufus Sewell. I wouldn't have a clue...

The Flavin retrospective was everything Pat told me it was. Excellent. I've got the white walls in my flat but not the huge space or the clutter-free environment in which these pieces shine. You've got until April 2nd.

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The Fatalist said...

I love all sorts of art, but know fuck all about the pretentious world of art. To me art is either 'I like that'; or 'what a load of crap'. No poncy words to describe it, no inbetweens. Art really is as simple as that.
Glad you enjoyed it. There's nothing worse than wasting money on a load of over-rated crap.