Sunday, March 12, 2006


Having my hair cut has always been something of a traumatic experience. It's not for nothing that older girls at school used to shout 'birds nest' as I walked past.

It's thick, curly and very very frizzy. I came out of a hairdressers on the Kingsway in Swansea about thirteen years ago resembling a prize poodle.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that my hair only gets the chop annually or even once in eighteen months. And yesterday was the day.

My mum and sister kept suggesting I go to a family friend who does a good job on their barnets. I wasn't convinved. My mum's hair is fine and straight. K.'s much less curly, much more controllable and most importantly she actually invests time in looking after it properly (something I am too lazy to do). I used to babysit for the person in question. Is she really old enough and sensible enough to do me justice?

I think J. was more nervous than me and thankfully this meant she did not throw caution to the wind (which is what usually happens when scissors meet my hair for the first time). The results are good. Exactly what I wanted.

She charges a tenth of the price of Tony and Guy and her pug sleeps on your lap, purring like a cat, while she goes about her business. How many hairdressers can you say that for? I'll be back in March 2007.


coolbuddha said...

If that is you in the picture, the new haircut also makes you look years younger.

pat said...

talking of barmy bulldogs. there i was in the chinese contemporay art gallery, quietly enjoying the art. the owner of the gallery is playing with his mini bulldog. dog gets bored with that comes sniffing at me. i pet it a few times. i like dogs. next thing i know it is about ready to hump me.
nice to know i can still pull.....

(sorry for bringing the tone down.... again)

Shep said...

Got my haircut yesterday - Grade 3 all over courtesy to Sasha in the garden with the clippers. (Sounds like a Cluedo accusation...)

I love having my hair like this, fortunately I have the right shaped head to get away with it this short.

At college I had a Jello Biafra-style mohawk, which turned into just a tuft at the front (kindof like TinTin with alopecia) and then skinhead for the next 2 years.

But I think Grade 3 is a good comprimise - short enough to look good, long enough not to frighten old people.

And the clippers (that cost £9 from Boots) have lasted over a year...

(Incidentally, saw Gail Porter all bald in the Observer and it made me feel really doesn't suit but short of a wig she's stuck with it. She came in the comic shop once looking all pixie-like in a parka and not much else and I remember thinking how great it was that some girls look as good in real life as they do when projected naked onto the houses of parliment. Now though, she looks unwell and unhappy, poor girl)