Monday, July 24, 2006

Ok, so I have been a little quiet. This has something to do with the fact the internet will not work at home. The reasons I have not done anything about this yet are:

1. Too tired.
2. Couldn't cope with getting angry (which is what invariably happens when I try to fix something).

Last week wasn't great. I started it in buoyant mood - the end was in site. Nearly six weeks off. I foolishly put in an email to a colleague at the LEA "I can take anything they throw at me this week".

I didn't mean literally. I think I suffered slight concussion after being smashed in the face by a rogue bottle of water at something approximating point blank range. Through my tears, and gritted teeth, i managed to tell the perpetrator "I think you need to stand outside".

I wanted to scream, shout, swear and, quite frankly, rip his head off.

I was glad at the end of it that I escaped without two black eyes. (Hit me square on the bridge of my nose). Possibly something to do with the 20 minutes of ice-pack to take down the swelling.

Combined with a raging cold and a form trip to Southend (just what I wanted; not) I wasn't much company to anyone and was best off shut in a dark room by myself.

I didn't quite make it through the half-day Friday. My legs gave way (probably the heat) and was escorted home.

I'm here now to pick my things up and that's it. For 6 weeks. Hurrah.


pat said...

oh well at least you are free for a bit. and no pulling out of monday night's grub fest.

pat said...

oh and ask shep about his great idea. it is a winner.

coolbuddha said...

How awful! What a thug. What did you do in Southend? Have a great six weeks. Hurrah indeed!

Shep said...

Sometimes my job as a bookseller in quiet Devon doesn't seem...quite so bad...!

Take a break Ems! Enjoy the holidays x

(although surely there's some marking you should be getting on with? ILPs? Lesson plans? That kinda stuff...!)

ems said...

Pat - as long as we don't have to meet in the Hamilton Hall first I'll be there Monday.

CB - Adventure Island, formally known as Peter Pan's Playground. I sat in the shade under a parasol covered in suntan lotion and still got burnt. I do usually partake of a ride or two but was too miserable.

Shep - what's your great idea? Given Pat is telling me to ask it's probably something I'll find offensive...

Shep said...

Have they...changed the name of Peter Pan's Playground...?


I once went out with a girl who used to run one of the rides there...

I would never ask you to do anything offensive, Ems, never fear...(kicks bunny acoutrements under desk...)