Sunday, July 16, 2006

Best of British

I was delighted to read in the Guardian on Saturday that the Morris Minor had been voted the most British motoring design. As a child I was impressed that my dad had once owned a Morris Traveller (an estate version with Tudor-style timber whacked on the back) and in answer to questions about what I would want when I was older I'd politely reply a Morris Minor and a pig. (Yes, this does say something about me as a person. I'm just not sure what).

Here's the complete top ten list of the UK’s most quintessentially British vehicles:

(I would like to have provided images for those of you unfamiliar with these British greats but I am still experiencing technical difficulties so I can't. Click on the link if you don't have a clue).

1. Morris Minor
2. Aston Martin
3. Rolls Royce
4. Fire Engine
5. Mini
6. Black Cab
7. Double decker bus
8. Robin Reliant
9. Milk Float
10. Green Goddess

What a fantastic list! I would like to invite you to say how many of these vehicles you have travelled in. You need to beat my nine to win! (Bonus prize to the person who works out which one of these designs has not been graced by my presence).


Shep said...

I was a big fan of the Austin was built like a tank.

coolbuddha said...

Sadly, milk floats are a rare sight in these parts (they daren't stop in case someone takes the wheels). I can see you on a fire engine and I bet you've graced a Rolls Royce - bet it's the Reliant Robin?

pat said...

it would have to be a green goddess.
one because goddess is sexist.
two because it is a military vehicle.

in two moments of madness i turned down a chance to have a personal tour of a fire station when i was a small (well young not sure i was ever small...) child.
and then many many many years later while i was contemplating changing my life and decluttering i was in a toyshop and was drawn to a collection of die cast fire engines. for a brief nova like moment i thought: "i could collect them..."
luckily i extinguished (groan)the thought before i followed through.

the best mode of transport i have been on was a dray horse and cart when the beer used to be delivered to me old man's pub.

ems said...

None of you have said how many you have travelled in. I take this to mean you come nowhere near to my nine...

A very staid woman up the road had an Austin Maxi. She used to take us, along with her children,to some playing fields that involved a very steep hill. I remember vividly screaming at her to 'go faster, go faster' on descent homewards - accompanied by Nik Kershaw on the radio.

Shep said...

I once saw Nick Kershaw supporting Elton John. Not as they left a was a tour.

I stood up and applauded as he began 'Wouldn't It Be Good'. I still think it's a classic.

Don't judge me.

Che-Jay said...

Has to be the mini for me, foot pedals are easier to reach!