Monday, July 17, 2006

Double Take

As I settled myself onto a fold-down chair on the DLR this morning, I noticed the two men squashed into one and a half seats opposite were wearing the same clothes. I guessed they worked at the same place until I glanced at their faces. Identical twins. Now, I can understand your mum making you wear the same clothes when you're 5 or 15. But 35? There's something a little wrong with that.


City Slicker said...

Totally agree and what is with the tourist couples that do that? I ahve always wondered is it in case they get lost, or a statement so that everybody knows they are together?

coolbuddha said...

Wrong may be an understatement. Like a scene from "Twin Peaks" - although admitedly, the DLR did not feature much in the series.

Shep said...

The other day as we were leaving the house I realised Felix and I both had Batman T-Shirts on (his retro Adam West Grey, mine Michael Keaton black). I realised this was wrong on 2 levels. Same logo on parent and child...and...a grown up wearing a Batman T-Shirt full stop.

But I couldn't be arsed to change.

Ashley said...

I had an important meeting at work with external parties. I show up and see that two of my other female colleagues and I were all wearing black suits with identical hot pink cotton t-shirts underneath (damn you, Old Navy!). We had all opted to wear our hair pulled back as it was blazing hot that day.

It was embarrassing. Now eople think we are some kind of bureucratic clique.

pat said...

as some will know clothes are not my forte.
but i agree with emma it is WRONG, unless of course they are some bonkers street performers. it is still wrong, but almost understandable.

as for shep - wash your mouth out. batman t-shirts are fine (as are flash logos, shazam logos, superman logos, punisher, fantastic 4 .... my wardrobe is well limited in clothes types... )

ems said...

You've been wearing very nice grown-up shirts on the last few occasions I've met you, Pat. Not a logo in sight.